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Sales Tax

Tax laws filing and compliance requirements vary from state to state and often times are complicated and involved, yet non-compliance is subject to stiff penalties. Sales tax law may require taxes to be included in prices (tax-inclusive) or added to the price at the point of sale.


Tax exemptions also vary from state to state. A portion of the sale may be exempt from the calculation of tax.


We review clients' inventory in order to find tax exempt items. We provide our clients with clear picture of the requirements and policies for each state they doing business in and help to shape sales & marketing in various states. We also assist with administration of the sales tax payment process and filing sales tax returns in all states.


Multi-State Tax Issues

If you have a business or work as an employee or consultant for a company, you'll have to allocate your earnings between the various states in which you worked. In many situations the calendar or log book is essential, and will provide the basis for what you need. The results might sometimes be surprising.

We can help you to avoid multistate tax issues and do proper tax reporting with each state authority. Feel free to call us 305-907-9365 or email us whenever you have a question or concern.


Real Estate Investors

We are specialized in tax planning and compliance for real estate transactions such as sale, exchange, conversions, leases, etc. It is critical to know what tax consequences for any of these transactions are. Tax law in the area of property transactions is complex and involved, because many provisions are based on the facts and circumstances that are specific to a transaction. We carefully analyze your particular situation and find optimal solution in order to minimize your tax liability. We have developed series of educational seminars about real estate transactions to help investors better understand the basics of tax law and make better decisions. If you are interested in any of the seminars, please click on scheduled seminar.



We represent clients before the following authorities in connection with examinations of their returns, appeals, requests for rulings, and answering filing requirement questionnaires and assessments:

  • Internal Revenue Service
  • State Departments of Revenue
  • Sales and Use Tax
  • Foreign Jurisdictions


Property Transactions

We structure any of the following transactions in order to help our clients minimize their tax liability. We provide tax planning and compliance for the following property transactions:

  • Like kind exchanges.
  • Involuntary conversions.
  • Installment sales.
  • Sale of business property.
  • Sale of residence.
  • Mixed use of property.
  • Business or Rental Use of Home.
  • Leases.
  • Short sales.
  • Foreclosures.


Stock Options

We advise option holders on the tax planning and savings opportunities available with their ISO's, ESPP's, NSO's.

We prepare the often complex tax return associated with option holders and assure the alternative minimum tax (AMT) is handled properly and all AMT credits are tracked and refunded.

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